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Bristol New England Carousel Museum Tours

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Cream Carousel horse with grey tail hair and brown saddle Don’t horse around when you have water damage, Call SERVPRO.

Programs for Bristol Children, Students, and Seniors

Whether you are looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or would like to re-experience riding on a carousel, the New England Carousel Museum has something for everyone. Join a tour group or reserve a private tour for your family and friends. Guides at the museum share enjoyable and memorable tales as well as guide you through other exciting activities:

  • How Americans played, lived, and worked
  • Over 100 wooden horses
  • Visiting the restoration department
  • Ride on a restored carousel
  • Arrange for a hands-on activity
  • Enjoy lunch

There are many events and programs to choose from, including Art, Music, Technology and Theatre, and private events for school groups or organizations. The restoration team reviews how weather, water damage, and many years of use to the carousels can be restored.

SERVPRO of Bristol provides professional water damage repair services to residential and business owners in Bristol and the surrounding area. Call (860) 582-3330. We are available 24/7 to help with water damage repairs.

How Can Bristol Businesses Be Prepared for Flood Emergencies?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property For more information, contact SERVPRO of Bristol at (860) 582-3330 for expert flood damage service.

SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Program (ERP) Provides Emergency Assistance Ahead of Any Disaster in Bristol

When a disaster such as flooding impacts a business, 50% of those businesses do not recover. For those that do reopen, many of them had a response plan prepared well in advance. SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Program (ERP) can assist local Bristol business owners in being ready when something does happen.

How Can ERP Help Local Businesses?
Flood damage can occur in Bristol at any time and with very little warning. It can knock an entire city off its feet and leave business owners struggling. Our ERP program helps businesses in preparing for any emergency. The ERP system helps by:
    •    Allowing companies to establish trust with employees and clients. They know you are prepared for disasters.
    •    Building a comprehensive information resource for use when needed.
    •    Loss of revenue gets reduced, and business interruption is minimized.
    •    Downtime is reduced due to timely mitigation, cleanup, and restoration.

Knowing whom to call, what to expect, and what to do is the key to prompt mitigation. The ERP system is in place to shorten SERVPRO’s response time to a company’s emergency call. It is a web-based interface that is easy to use and easy to setup. By having our information at your fingertips, our response time is faster.

Build Your Profile
Creating a company profile is the first step. This allows you to personalize your company profile with information relevant to your business. A Marketing Representative works with you and can help if needed. If a flood does happen, your rep has all the needed information to get our crews rolling.

On your side, you have all your important contacts, such as suppliers, utility companies, and clients, stored in one location. We can manage multi-businesses via ERP as well.  Having a contingency plan in place could save the life of your business. For more information, contact SERVPRO of Bristol at (860) 582-3330 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Does A Professional Determine the Products to Use When Cleaning Flooded Houses?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

Homes in flood waters After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

The Chemical Composition and Types of Materials Affected by Flood Damage in Bristol Homes are the Main Guidelines SERVPRO Considers.

A flooded home in Bristol, requires various resources to restore the areas damaged by the intruding water to their preloss state. The use of chemical agents is one crucial process because it helps remove soiling, contaminants, and other unwanted materials. You might experience difficulty choosing the right cleaning products that do what you intend to achieve because of the variety of such products in the market. When SERVPRO cleans Bristol properties after flooding, the choice of cleaning product is based on the prevailing conditions and the effectiveness of the product.

Which factors determine the effectiveness of a cleaning agent against soiling from flooding?

  • Cleaning strength
  • Disinfectant properties 
  • Deodorizing properties 
  • Safety when used with other products

Flooding leads to various levels of soiling in many parts of the structure, including the floors and walls. It is common to find water lines on vertical surfaces separating the parts of a cat by floodwaters from the unaffected ones with a layer of soiling. The cleaning product used should be strong enough to strip away these soils from the affected materials. 

Since floodwaters are a cocktail of organic and inorganic soils, our SERVPRO technicians consider cleaning products that can work against a broad spectrum of substances. Another indicator of product strength is whether its effectiveness changes during the cleaning process. In this case, strong products refer to those that work even when conditions such as pH change rather than working within a narrow pH range. The products should not be too strong to cause physical damage to the materials they are meant to clean.

How does flooding soil properties?

  • Causing bleeding of fabric dyes
  • Dislodging finishes from structural materials
  • Leaving residues such as mud and silt

Floodwater can soil your property by depositing materials collected outside the structure, such as mud or silt. Soiling can also originate within the structure when some materials deteriorate after exposure to water. For instance, fabrics such as upholstery, draperies, carpets, and even clothes can shed dyes when exposed to water over extended periods. Such dyes spread to other areas causing stains and other kinds of soiling. Other forms of deterioration, such as drywall crumbling or glues in composite materials liquefying, create soils that need removal from the property.

How strong should the ingredients in cleaning agents be?

Floodwaters contain all sorts of dangerous substances, including:

  • Disease pathogens such as bacteria and viruses
  • Harmful chemicals such as herbicides
  • Biohazards such as raw sewage

Removing all traces of the harmful substances requires vigorous action. The correct cleaning products that can kill, neutralize, or remove the harmful substances make it easier to restore the property to its usual sanitary conditions. It also simplifies the specific decontamination processes that you might need to carry out at the property. Our SERVPRO technicians use different categories of products with decontamination capabilities like:

  • Phenolics which work against bacteria, fungi, and blood-borne pathogens
  • Quaternary compounds that help against fungi and bacteria
  • Bleaches for germicidal action against viruses and bacteria 

Do cleaning agents help control odors?

Odor management is a significant part of the equation when making plans to clean a flooded property. The floodwater might smell bad since it contains various kinds of wastes. Odor can also develop when water sits in a property over an extended period because of microbial growth or other chemical changes. Some cleaning products also emit strong smells, which might make people uncomfortable. Therefore, when planning the cleanup exercise, you must find products that can counter the awful odors caused by flooding while ensuring that the products do not introduce other strong smells. 

Our SERVPRO technicians combine various approaches to address the issue of odor. In most cases, we use specially formulated cleaning products created without using ammonia, solvents, or fragrances. The ingredients used to formulate the products meet or exceed the EPA and Green Seal design for the environmental guidelines. The products are also rapidly biodegradable and free of VOCs, so they do not leave strong odors in the areas we clean.

Since cleaning products are not meant to work as fully-fledged deodorizers, we might add water-based deodorizers into the cleaning solutions to neutralize malodors and leave a sweet scent in the areas we clean. Incorporating deodorization in the cleaning process simplifies the finishing processes that your property needs to regain its preloss state.

Cleaning products play a crucial role in the restoration of flood-damaged materials. SERVPRO of Bristol uses the best products for a positive outcome. Call us at (860) 582-3330 to help clean up any soiling from your house, "Like it never even happened."  

How Does Demolition and Water Damage Get Cleaned Up in Bristol?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Cleaning is a vital part of all the restoration work that our professionals do for water-damaged homes.

Severe water disasters in Bristol homes can destroy structural elements and leave a mess behind for experienced restoration professionals to address.

After any water disaster, cleaning up requires several immediate actions in Bristol homes, including extraction, debris removal, and even controlled demolition. Identifying what your property needs most comes from data collected during job scoping before mitigation work beginning. Our project manager and crew chief can develop a restoration plan based on the house's conditions and what must happen to protect it from continued water damages.

Both mitigation and water damage cleanup in Bristol homes requires a unique understanding of the damages. Choosing among cleaning and restoring or controlled demolition correlates directly with the actions necessary to return a property to preloss condition. Cleaning is a vital stage of the restoration process and knowing how these actions benefit the overall recovery process can show another reason that professionals like our SERVPRO team are desirable for a post-disaster response.

When Are Cleaning Practices Vital for Water Restoration?
    •    Collapse of Materials – Water losses can often lead to a weakening of exposed structural elements and construction materials. Sagging and collapsing materials must get cleaned up and discarded to prepare for reconstruction.
    •    Extraction – The need for water removal can leave films and debris throughout the property where the pooling existed. We focus on the surface, and floor cleaning efforts after surface water concerns have gotten addressed.
    •    Post Demolition – Removing damaged materials can create dust, debris, and other concerns for a household. We must clean up these messes to finalize the restoration process for customers.
    •    Carpet and Flooring Cleaning – The finish on wood flooring and the colorfastness of carpeting can become compromised with prolonged water exposure. Cleaning these materials can improve their appearance.

Cleaning is a vital part of all the restoration work that our professionals do for water-damaged homes. Give our SERVPRO of Bristol team a call anytime that you need us at (860) 582-3330.

Will Restoration After a Fire Be Costly?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

electrical wires on fire at wall Don't Be Shocked by the Cost of Fire Damage Restoration in Burlington!! Call SERVPRO for Cleanup to Build Back Services

SERVPRO Offers Efficient, Affordable Fire Restoration – If Your Burlington Property Needs Attention, Call Our Skilled Technicians!

The effects of any size fire in your home can bring unimaginable devastation. However, it is essential to know that restoration after a fire may not be as costly as fully rebuilding using all brand-new materials. Some of the existing building materials in your Burlington home can be restored simply by removing traces of the fire. SERVPRO is available to assist with your restoration needs to bring your entire back to pre-fire condition.

Can All Building Materials Be Restored?

Our highly-skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) can quickly and efficiently address your need for fire restoration in Burlington. In many cases, we can restore surfaces without having to remove materials such as:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Composites
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Aggregate cement
  • Stucco
  • Plastics
  • Wood, and more

During the restoration process, our crew has access to a vast assortment of tools and technology to help facilitate the fire damage cleanup. Not only do we use methods such as sandblasting, wet or dry blasting, and soda blasting, but we also have a collection of state-of-the-art processes available depending on need. We understand that each fire incident we get called into for cleanup is unique, so we adjust our methods to create a tailored plan for each property.

Whenever restoration efforts are not enough, we have an affiliate reconstruction team, Nutmeg Restoration, to handle the build-back. Whether your marble floor needs repair or you need new drywall or electrical work after the fire, we ensure that no stone is left unturned. Once everything gets wrapped up, your interior will be beautiful and like-new once again, “Like it never even happened.”

Time is always of the essence when you need help handling fire restoration after a house fire. Call SERVPRO of Bristol 24/7 at (860) 582-3330, and we will send out a crew to start in on an assessment.

How Can Larger Bristol Office Complexes Contend with Mold?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

mold on wall For the threat that mold can become to your office staff and your clients, professional mold remediation companies like our SERVPRO team can help.

Microbial threats can be a health hazard and destructive to structural elements, making it a substantial concern for your Bristol office complex.

Regardless of how diligent custodial staff might be in your Bristol office complex, water disasters can often leave moisture and dampness concerns out of sight. Even though the surface water gets addressed and the facility seems fine, absorption might have moved water to areas that you cannot easily see or inspect. Often it is most beneficial to seek out professional restoration companies for water disasters and emergencies. However, after the incident occurs, you should ensure that you have fully addressed the concerns. Without removing moisture from structural cavities and trapped water in materials, you could contend with mold growth on a severe scale.

While you might seek mold removal for Bristol offices, what is really necessary is mold remediation. We cannot remove all naturally occurring spores in every environment, but we can address the immediate damages that these organisms can cause the structural elements and contents within your office building. We can help with efficient recovery practices from the damage to documentation and records to structural deterioration of drywall, carpeting, and other sensitive materials. Understanding the standard methods for remediation and site recovery can help to showcase the need for these services as soon as you believe mold exists in the property. Addressing microbial threats often involves:

    •    Evaluation and Testing
    •    Content Inventory and Containment
    •    Remediation Solutions
    •    Post-Remediation Repairs and Reconstruction

What Can Environmental Testing Tell You?

Sampling and testing the environment where mold might exist can be very beneficial in determining your facility's state. Often, when you believe that mold damage exists, it can be a pressing concern for your staff and clients' safety and well-being. Industrial hygienists can help in this regard through a series of air samples examined at a laboratory to reveal pertinent information about the structure and any microbial threats present. Results of these tests often convey:

    •    Likelihood of Mold Growth – Mold growth is not always visible and might not appear on surfaces for weeks after colonization begins. Testing the air reveals when experts believe mold colonization has likely started.
    •    Spore Concentration – The concentrations of spores in the affected environment can tell our technicians and the property owner what measures should get taken to alleviate these concerns. Air scrubbers and other filtration equipment can often help in this regard.
    •    Type of Mold Present – Testing the specific kind of mold is beneficial to understand the measures necessary to remove it efficiently. With thousands of structural mold and fungus types, the right approach and cleaning measures can save time and money.

What Pre-Remediation Tasks Benefit Your Office?

Several measures can help your office building to reduce loss during a mold growth threat. Our remediation professionals can oversee several initial tasks to protect both the structure and its occupants. These practices also fixate on reducing the deterioration and irreparable damage that contents and documentation can often suffer when exposed to microbial threats. Some of these techniques include:

    •    Content Management – The relocation and removal of potentially damaged content and records from your office space can eliminate irreparable damage concerns. When exposure already occurred, on-site drying and recovery methods are needed.
    •    Containment – Establishing a drying zone can help to not only regulate airflow and humidity, but it can also prevent the migration of mold spores and potential cross-contamination concerns.
    •    Establishing a Staging Area – An adjacent space to the work area is ideal for storing equipment and drying tools necessary in remediation and cleaning.

What Remediation Tactics Are the Most Effective?

Mold remediation can involve several different approaches depending on the materials affected and the condition of your office space. Drywall in individual offices often requires a different approach to microbial concerns developing on glue-down carpet in the communal areas shared by many employees. Usually, removing mold colonies involves several practices working simultaneously, including sanding, media blasting, surface cleaning, and demolition.

When Does Build Back Occur?

Reconstruction is one of the final stages in getting your office doors back open again after a mold damage situation. We can seamlessly transition to rebuilding and repairs after remediation and cleaning complete from replacing wall system and flooring materials to long-term solutions to prevent recurrences.

For the threat that mold can become to your office staff and your clients, professional mold remediation companies like our SERVPRO of Bristol team can help. We have experienced technicians to respond quickly to these emergencies when you call (860) 582-3330.

Can I Reinstall Old Carpets After Property Flooding in Bristol?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

House Flooded Fixtures and fittings are often restorable after exposure to clean water supplies.

SERVPRO Aims to Restore Over Replace for Properties with Flood Damage in Bristol.

What Makes a Carpet Restorable?
Restoration of carpeted properties in Bristol can be complicated by the varying nature and causes of flooding. Generally speaking, carpets are recoverable, providing the source of flooding is a clean water supply. We consider clean water sources to be from internal or main water pipes and heavy rainfall. Property flooding that occurs as a result of flash flooding contains water contamination, which may make carpet replacement a necessity. SERVPRO technicians can perform an accurate assessment of water contamination during the initial scoping phase of flood and make necessary decisions about whether to restore or replace your carpets.

How Can I Reinstall Carpets after Flooding
Properties that sustain flood damage in Bristol are often restorable without wholesale replacement of fittings and fixtures. Wet carpets can be up to fifty percent weaker, so it is crucial that you enlist professionals to remove the mats and transport them for drying. Beneath the rug is a pad that can absorb moisture and break apart. These pads are inexpensive to replace. SERVPRO technicians can assess and dry the subfloor of your home using extractors and air movers. Once dry, we can replace the carpet pad as well as the dry carpet on top. During reinstallation, our technicians can assess the carpet for delamination or other signs of damage to ensure you do not suffer issues further down the line. These professional assessments are crucial to returning your home to its preloss condition.

What is the process of reinstalling carpets?
- Prepare the floor by cleaning and drying as well as removing the wet carpet pad
- If necessary replace the tackless carpet strip
- Install the carpet pad before overlaying with the clean, dry carpet

Fixtures and fittings are often restorable after exposure to clean water supplies. Contact SERVPRO of Bristol at (860) 582-3330 for restore over replace technicians.

Could Your Pet Cause Fire Damage To Your Bristol Home?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Fire flames isolated on black background For help with fire damage in Bristol, call SERVPRO of Bristol at (860) 582-3330.

SERVPRO Advises Bristol Pet Owners To Be Aware Of Fire Damage Risks

Bristol pet owners love their four-legged friends and want to keep them safe. Having a pet is a great way to relieve stress, and it is always lovely to come home from work or errands to an enthusiastic greeting. No one thinks of their pet as a health hazard, but there are some risks surrounding pet ownership.

Of course, a pet cannot purposefully cause fire damage in a Bristol home. The responsibility for fire safety lies firmly with the adult humans in the house! But that said, some unexpected fire damage risks come with pet ownership. It is good to be aware of the dangers now so you can take action to mitigate them.

What are some fire damage risks associated with pets?

SERVPRO wants local homeowners to be aware of the following potential risks:

    •    Pets can chew on power cords, and once they are damaged they can spark or short and start a fire
    •    Any animal that roams free around your room can knock over a candle and start a fire
    •    Dogs and cats have been known to drag their bedding around – unfortunately, this sometimes includes pulling it towards a space heater or candle
    •    It sounds unlikely, but it is not unheard of for pets to turn on the stove by jumping up and catching a knob
    •    If you let a pet lie on an electric blanket, it could chew it and damage the wires, or have an accident and cause an electrocution risk

What can I do to prevent a pet-related fire?

For every potential pet-related fire risk, there is an easy solution. Most fixes boil down to looking at possible fire hazards through a curious pet's eyes and making sure there is nothing in their path that can be chewed on, knocked over, moved, or switched on by mistake.

SERVPRO of Bristol suggests taking the following precautions:

    •    Always roll up and hide excess power cord, so there is less to chew – try to hide as much of the power cord as possible
    •    Use flameless LED candles or string lights instead of real ones – they create the same warm ambiance but with much less risk
    •    Place dog and cat beds in rooms that do not contain fire hazards such as space heaters or open fires – you can also install toddler gates to stop your pets roaming to places they should not
    •    Stove knob protectors were designed with small children in mind, but they also work well to prevent pets accidentally turning the dials
    •    Never let your pets lie on an electric blanket

Are pet bowls a fire risk?

Believe it or not, pet bowls can be a fire risk. If you have glass pet bowls and place them outside on wooden decking, there is a risk of sunlight filtering through the glass and setting fire to the wood. You can easily avoid this by the use of stainless steel or ceramic pet bowls.

How should I look after my pet in the event of a fire?

In the event of a fire, your pet is relying on you to get them to safety whatever the cause. SERVPRO recommends always keeping a few weeks of food and medicine, plus a few bottles of water, some bedding, and vaccination and vet records on hand, in case you and your pet need to make a hasty escape.

You can also get stickers to put on your front door, alerting firefighters to the type and number of pets in residence. This helps emergency services respond quickly and gives your pets a better chance of being found.

What can SERVPRO do to help?

Once you and your pets are safe and the fire service has extinguished the blaze, it is time to call us. We train our technicians to handle every aspect of fire mitigation, so you can trust us to restore your home, “Like it never even happened.”

We begin by assessing the situation and taking any immediate steps to secure the premises, such as boarding up the door or putting a tarp on the roof. We also check for potential health hazards.

Once we have assessed your home, we will discuss our proposed course of action with you to be sure you are happy with our plans.

The first step is to remove any water leftover from firefighting efforts, which we do with a combination of pumps, extractors, and extraction wands. If your soft furnishings are particularly water-logged, we dry them.

We clean your home and belongings thoroughly, using a mix of mechanical cleaning techniques (such as scrubbing) and chemical methods (such as spot-cleaning upholstery). Soot is challenging to tackle, but our technicians know how to handle it. Before we leave, we deodorize your home to make sure it smells as good as new.

For help with fire damage in Bristol, call SERVPRO of Bristol at (860) 582-3330.

How Likely is Mold Damage After Water Disasters?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling after water damage SERVPRO Says Prevent Mold Remediation in Your Bristol Home with Rapid Water Cleanup and Removal by Us!

When your Bristol home suffers a water disaster, it is vital to get the property thoroughly dried to avoid secondary effects like mold growth.

Saturation and the exposure of high permeability materials in your Bristol home can allow for unwanted movements. The movement of moisture and water throughout your property can become a considerable threat to the structure, especially when homeowners do not know how extensive or widespread this condition has become. DIY drying solutions do not always address the full scope of moisture threats in the house, leaving the properties acceptable to secondary conditions like mold and microbial growth.

Do Moldy Problems Often Accompany a Water Leak?

While you might not realize how likely mold damage in Bristol homes is, conditions continually exist to facilitate microbial threats based on higher humidity conditions in the area year-round. After property damage from water in Bristol, failure to appropriately dry these effects in the house can allow for the development of mold colonies from naturally occurring spores landing on damp surfaces. We utilize industry-leading tools to address surface moisture as well as trapped wet pockets inside wall systems.

How Can SERVPRO Prevent Mold Recurrences?

Preventing mold and microbial threats in your house does not have to be an insurmountable task, but it often requires our experienced contractors and mold remediation specialists. Not only must you address the current fungal threat, but you must also determine if lingering moisture was a result of a failure to dry your property after a recent disaster appropriately or if this dampness occurs from another source that must get corrected by our residential contractors. Our team of building trade professionals can offer:

  • Repairs
  • Reconstruction
  • Installing Dehumidifiers and Pumps

Not every water damage situation in a residence results in mold growth, but every one of these disasters can. Prolonged exposure to moisture and damp conditions allows mold spores to grow and colonize, presenting threats to the structure and possible health effects to the occupants. We offer thorough drying approaches with air movers, dehumidifiers, and other specialty evaporative drying tools. Give our SERVPRO of Bristol team a call anytime at (860) 582-3330.

Why Is Fire Damage in Your Burlington Kitchen So Tough to Restore?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt mansion interior after fire Contact SERVPRO of Bristol day or night for professional assistance with fire damage restoration.

The Highly-Qualified Team at SERVPRO Understands the Demands of Protein-Based Fire Damage Restoration for Our Burlington Customers

Every “fuel” a household fire burns through is associated with a particular type of residue. The food and oils that suffered super-heating during a blaze in your Burlington kitchen create a fire damage coating like no other. The “soot” is not the incompletely combusted remains of building materials and contents like dry and wet soot. Instead, it is the dehydrated leavings of the meats, vegetables, fats, and oils. Its protein base means the residue is transparent but tightly adhered like varnish. The residue also has a strong stench, not surprisingly, because the remnants are heated past the smoke point, undergoing a chemical change that renders them rancid.

What Is the Answer to Removing Protein-Based Soot on the Way to Fire Damage Restoration?

SERVPRO crew members complete a rigorous training course from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to prepare for fire damage restoration in your Burlington home. We learn about the principles and elements of cleaning, using them as a guide:

Principles of Fire Damage Cleaning
    •    Locate residues
    •    Identify characteristics of residues
    •    Evaluate the type and durability of affected surfaces
    •    Capture and remove residues
    •    Lawfully dispose of residues and the cleaning solutions used

Element of Cleaning
    •    Temperature -- manipulate to impact the speed of chemical action and prevent shrinkage and color bleed
    •    Agitation -- deliberate use of friction impels a break in the bond between the affected surfaces and the residues
    •    Chemical Action -- soaps, detergents, and solvents dissolve or emulsify the residues to remove them
    •    Time -- also termed “dwell time,” it is the period a cleaning solution is permitted to work on loosening the debris

What Is the Balance We Create to Restore Residue-Free Surfaces?

Protein-based residues loosen most efficiently through the use of solvents, extended dwell times, and abrasive products or tools. Odor removal is particularly tricky and might require the addition of enzymatic products or thermal fogging or hydroxyl generation interventions.

Contact SERVPRO of Bristol day or night for professional assistance with fire damage restoration. Manage all aspects of the fire damage disaster, starting with one call to (860) 582-3330.